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January 15, 2021cookwcharacter
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Today I’m shining my spotlight on Southern Roots Farm. Here’s a brief overview about their farm straight from them, and then I had a chance to interview them!

We are a family owned and fully operated farm raising pasture raised pork and chicken. We also process other people’s chickens and provide other farm fresh products such as gourmet mushrooms, farm fresh baked goods, farm fresh jams and much more!

Pasture-raised meat tends to be higher in iron, higher in Omega 3, have a lower Omega 6:3 ratio, and be higher in antioxidants (Vitamin E, for example). Pasture-raised eggs have higher Omega 3s, a lower Omega 6:3 ratio, increased vitamin D, and more antioxidants.

We strive to provide healthy foods for our community and beyond.

The Interview

How long have you been running Southern Roots Farm?
Southern Roots Farm was started in March of 2020 as a spin off of our parent’s farm which has been operational for over 5 years.

What does a typical day look like for you?
A typical day starts at 5 am with computer work, answering emails, Facebook messages, checking for online orders, etc then off to feed the animals from 7 am until about 11 am. Between 11 am and 4 pm it is more computer work advertising, extension classes, jam making, order pick-ups or whatever else needs to be completed along with any other farm chores that need to be completed, laundry to do and other home chores. Then it is back out to feed for the evening rounds from 4:30 pm until about 6pm before heading in for dinner, final house chores and yet more computer work. 

red pepper jam in jar

Do you have any specific changes or goals you are planning for the future? What do those look like?
We are currently in the process of purchasing a bigger property which will house a farm store and potential festival, event and wedding areas.

What is the biggest obstacle you’ve faced, and how did you overcome it (or are working to overcome it)?
We are still learning to overcome the same thing everyone else in the world is right now…COVID-19.

What is one thing you want us to know or remember about your farm?
The humane way that we treat our animals, even those being processed for food…no steroids, no antibiotics, no hormones…just lots of love …from a one woman show…I run the farm with my youngest son’s help during the days/week while my husband still works full time…the whole family pitches in in the evenings and on the weekends

Do you have a favorite cuisine (American, Chinese, Greek, etc) or course (breakfast, sweets, etc)?
I’m a sucker for sweets

If you had to pick just one thing that you make/raise, which one thing is your favorite?
My pigs

two pigs in straw bedding
Look at those faces – what’s not to love?!

Do you ever ship any of your products?
Not yet but will be offered in the near future!

Can people come to visit the farm?
At this time we have only curbside pickup for order places online via our Facebook page or website. We are in the process of purchasing property which will have a farm store on the premises for our customers to visit and hope to have it open by the Spring of 2021.

Do you have any certifications?
We have obtained state exemptions for both poultry processing and meat handling. These allow is to process poultry for our customers and sell our USDA processed meat to the public.

chickens in the grass

If you had a visitor who could only try one thing you produce before leaving, what would you want them to try? Why would you choose that?
I would have a customer try any cut of our pasture raised pork because I know that after just one bite they will be able to taste the difference.

What do you want a customer to get out of experiencing and tasting and using your product?
Our reputation is being built by:
-using genetic lines that produce beautiful pork and tender chicken
-using the freshest, all natural, local farm ingredients when ever possible
-providing our customers with an eating experience that leaves them wanting more.

After all, “the proof is in the taste!”.

three pigs in pen at feeding time

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