You may have noticed that all my recipes have a rating on them – but you may not be sure what it means. This is the page to tell you! Since this began as a Disney food blog, I opted to keep using the Disney Dining Plan inspired rating system I created before.

In that plan, snack credits are the least expensive, while a signature dining experience is the most expensive. You probably see where this is going.

Here’s how my rating system works:

snack rating


This indicates that it is an easy to make recipe, without too many steps or taking up too much time to make.




quick rating


This indicates the recipe is easy, but may involve some time on your part. A good recipe for everyday dining.




table rating


This recipe is more involved, both in technique and time. It may be something that requires a long time to marinate, or more advanced cooking knowledge. This would be a recipe for a weekend when you have time, or a more involved meal.




Signature ratingSignature recipes are the best of the best. They are involved, usually requiring some pretty good kitchen skills, and may be best used for special occasions, holidays, or parties. (But don’t let it intimidate you. I try to make things I think anyone can do with instructions!)