I FAILED at my own 30 Day Challenge…

August 31, 2020cookwcharacter

You may have noticed, if you have seen some earlier posts or followed me on Instagram, that I started August trying to do a 30 recipes in 30 days challenge. I was pumped. I’d made charts, written out recipes, bought groceries. I was set to go, and ready. I started cooking mid-July off and on to try and get ahead of myself so I wasn’t cooking during the day and posting at night.

And then life happened.

You know how that works. You are all geared up, just waiting at the starting line, and then you get a cramp halfway down the track.

Only this time my cramp was a toddler who refuses to sleep unless he’s laying on me. And he’s cutting his two year molars. And he’s got an autoimmune disease we’re still diagnosing, so we don’t go anywhere. And then I decided I was tired of being sick, so I’d finally get around to trying that gluten elimination diet I’d talked to the doctor about months ago.

And there were other things, but I won’t bore you.

In the end, I did pretty well. I managed to get through the beginning pretty well. I still have four recipes ready to go. But I was tired at the end of the day, and falling asleep at the computer once I could get my child down for a brief while in his crib at night.

And I was stressed and talking to my husband and he said the one thing I had forgotten. I was venting about not having time to post and falling behind. And he looked at me and said, “You do this for fun, right? So does it matter that much?”

You know, he had a point. I DO this for fun. Would I love to make a living at this, heck yeah! And I’m working with a vague dream that someday I might become a full time food blogger. But you know what, if it becomes another source of stress, I’ll abandon it. I want it to remain fun.

So while I failed that 30 day challenge, I really didn’t fail. I came out with a LOT more recipes, and I have several more that have been made and photographed and are coming out, and others that are in the process. I’m excited about it again.

I’d call that a win in my book.

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