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March 19, 2021cookwcharacter
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Today I’m interviewing Faithful Fields Homestead! Thank you for letting me get to know your homestead a little more!

How long have you been running Faithful Fields Homestead?
It has been a little over two years since we have been here now.

Faithful Fields House

What does a typical day look like for you?
It depends on the season. On a typical summer day we take care of animals in the morning, then water the garden, we take a break during the hottest part of the day then we do misc. chores in the late afternoon and tend to the garden in the evening

Do you have any specific changes or goals you are planning for the future? What do those look like?
We are working towards expanding our garden to grow more vegetables to have the availability to sell more and we want to add meat rabbits to our farm.

You are on YouTube as well – that is awesome! How do you balance being a YouTuber with all the things to do on the homestead?
Our channel is more of a hobby we do not concentrate on that as much, the farm comes first but we would like to do more with the channel in the future. (If you’d like to check out the channel, you can find them at Faithful Fields Homestead)

How do you think YT has impacted your homestead (if it has)?
We do not think it has much of an impact on the farm, the channel is still a small channel

You say you grow vegetables – what kinds?
We grow the basics, tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, squash, potatoes, strawberries, a lot of what we grow we can and sell the extra. 

Vegetables set out on table

What kinds of crafts and soaps do you make? Do you have a favorite?
Crafts are crocheted items and bracelets we have many different types of soaps, a few are lavender, honeysuckle, and rose because we use real flower petals in them.

What is one thing you’ve learned so far that you never thought you’d learn?
How to run a farm a care for four special needs children

What is the biggest obstacle you’ve faced, and how did you overcome it (or are working to overcome it) outside of COVID?
Caring for our children and running the farm by getting the children involved.

What is your favorite part of running the homestead?
Seeing the results of the work we put in

What is one thing you want us to know or remember about your business?
We are family operated and still growing, we use no chemicals on our veggies or fruits

Do you have a favorite cuisine (American, Chinese, Greek, etc) or course (breakfast, sweets, etc)?
American, we love our meat and seafood.

If you had to pick just one thing that you make/raise, which one thing is your favorite?
We love raising goats, we just enjoy spending time with them.

Two baby goats in hay

Also, do you ever ship any of your products?
Yes, we can ship.

Where can we find your products?
On our facebook page –

Can people come to visit the farm?
Sure, in the summer would be best.

Do you have any certifications?
Our Boar goats are registered and so are our German Shepherds

If you had a visitor who could only try one thing you produce before leaving, what would you want them to try? Why would you choose that?
It would be the homegrown tomatoes because they are so good!

What do you want a customer to get out of experiencing and tasting and using your product?
The joy of fresh grown vegetables.

Having a farm is a lot of work, but there has to be some fun sometimes, right? What is the funniest thing that’s ever happened on the farm?
We brought our truck into the animal field with feed to mix for the goats, and our truck was surrounded by cows, chickens, a goat, and a turkey wanting to get some while I mix the feed.

Pig at gate with cow and chicken

Where to Find Faithful Fields Homestead:

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