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Cherry’s Shire Farm – Farm to Table Feature

January 22, 2021cookwcharacter

Today I’m featuring Cherry’s Shire Farm for the Farm to Table Friday Feature! They are going to tell you all about the farm themselves – so take it away!

In 2016, we established Cherry’s Shire Farm as a small homestead/farmette outside Washington DC.  The intent was to create self-sufficient capabilities that could be sustained by our family and be a blessing to our community. 

We a focus our efforts on chickens, rabbits, bees and raised garden beds.       

Five bunnies huddled in the grass

Our chickens provide our family with healthy sustenance and constant comic relief as they free-range about the property. At the moment, our rabbits consist of white and red New Zealand, Californian, Creme d’Argent and their mixes. The rabbits can be a great source of comfort, entertainment as well as protein.

Our Italian honeybees are the busiest workers on the homestead and have provided us with hundreds of pounds of honey over the years. In addition to the honey, we make and sell candles, lip balms and lotions out of our beeswax. 

Beehives in fencing

Finally, while the raised garden beds are small in size, they produce well above their weight class. Garlic and hot banana peppers are our top producers and complement each other to create a family recipe of one of our most requested products, jarred peppers. 

It has been a blessing for our family to work on the farm together, to learn and to have fun at the same time.  

We love spending time with our animals, raising them and using the products from them to help our little farm grow.

Floppy eared bunny eating in grass

We thank God each day for the provisions He gives us and for his continual love and care of our Cherry’s Shire Farm.

We are in the process of creating our first Web site, but for now you can find us on Facebook under Cherry’s Shire Farm or if you need to reach us through email, please use

Thank you.

You can find Cherry’s Shire Farm on Facebook as well!

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