Welcome to Cooking with Character! If you’re here, you probably  are like me and have a love of Disney and a love of food! I’m glad you decided to stop by and see me!

I started this blog because my husband and I were planning a trip to Disney World with both sets of parents, and I decided to cook my way through the Disney cookbooks I buy each visit as a souvenir. That simple idea evolved into this blog. I can never (and I do mean never) leave a recipe alone, and frequently change, alter, or ignore whatever I want. I also decided that just cooking from the books wasn’t enough. I wanted to do themed meals based around different movies.

And so, I decided that if I was going to do all that, I might want to share it with others. I already post all my baking and cooking things to Facebook anyway, so I knew my friends and family wouldn’t mind. And I went for it!

No one was surprised that it was Disney themed. I was the kid who wore out the cassettes of the soundtracks, waited anxiously for the VHS copies of the latest movie to watch the preview for the next movie, and for a while in middle school I kept a scrapbook of all the newspaper clippings about the latest Disney animated movie.

Creating the foods and material for the blog is fun, and something I want to share. I love to cook, to plan out meals, and enjoy it with friends and family.

Then, in 2019 we had our first baby. It was a long road to get here, and our rainbow baby is one of the highlights of my life. But he’s had some health issues, and I found myself at the beginning of 2020 having to resign my teaching position mid-year because he could no longer attend daycare.

The blog had been drifting for awhile. While I was pregnant, I didn’t cook much of anything, since morning sickness lasted pretty much the whole 9 months. And before that, I love my Disney recipes, but I wanted to post other things too. So once I became a stay at home mom, I decided that the blog needed to evolve just as I was.

Now you’ll find a section of the blog dedicated to Disney, and I will continue to post Disney related things, but there will also be more original recipes, money saving tips, crafty ideas, and mom type things.

So pull up a chair and stay awhile. If you’re really good, I might even let you lick the beaters. 🙂